Art Specifications

For questions or to request help regarding file submission:

In order to obtain accurate high quality results, please follow these guidelines carefully. They can help you avoid delays as well as additional charges (incurred for time spent reproducing your artwork in the required formats).


• Our system is PC based.

• Files should be professionally created and submitted on disc (CD or DVD) or sent directly to our FTP site (Please contact us for FTP information).

• Convert all fonts to paths or outlines before saving. Font conflicts can be a major source of delay. Note: If we do not have the font, we cannot make copy changes if you request them. If you anticipate copy changes, include a copy of any fonts in your artwork.


Vector Files

All logos and copy (text) should be submitted as vector files. Files must be vectorized for vinyl cutting. We accept: PDF, EPS, AI and Corel (version 10 and higher).

Raster Art (Bitmaps)

Photographs or raster/bitmap-based graphics should be submitted in .TIFF or .EPS formats. Large format digital printing has unique requirements. Files must be submitted with a resolution (dpi or ppi) of between 100 and 300 (at 100% of final output dimensions). Image resolution required depends on the final print size, application, and intended viewing distance.

Color Matching

To ensure accurate color reproduction, submit color proofs of the artwork file along with the disc. Indicate Pantone or CMYK colors used. Final print may not look as it appears on your monitor (which is an RGB color system). If you do not provide Pantone or CMYK color selections, some color correction may be needed for final application and print.

Additional Questions? Please Contact Us.